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Who ?

Hey, my name is Hurricane and I'm a hobby Modder/ YouTuber/ Designer/ Photographer from Germany. I got into the world of creativity back in 2007 when I tried out texture modifications for the very first time in racing games like MidnightClub 2 and NFS Underground 2. This lasted until 2012, however the passion for modding has never been gone and it was only a matter of time when I would find a new game. So, Rocket League came out in 2015 and just one year later I got hooked by the possibilities and potential of this game. Shortly after, I created the YouTube channel HurricaneModding and with that a new journey begun.

Over the past years since I started Rocket League texturemodding I explored a lot of areas of designing. I aim to learn new things with every day coming.

One of my main goals has always been to make texture-modding ,and game-modding in general, possible for everyone. Pursuing this goal lead to the formation of a new project to make texture modding in RocketLeague more popular: Rocket League Skins Wiki.

Rocket League Skins Wiki Discord Server:

Today Rocket League Skins Wiki is THE place for every Rocket League fan who wants to get into texture modding. With over 5000 current members, tons of How-to Wiki-Articles and an active community we provide newcomers a solid foundation for their journey into RL-TextureMods.

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Commissioned work:

Beside all of my own texture mods I'm also offering my service for everyone individually, commissioned. This includes things like car-decal-textures, ball-skins. For all inquiries please contact me through Twitter DMs.

Current status: On hold until further notice. Please follow me on Twitter for updates.

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