Rocket League Mods:

Octane GlowEngine

The current version of the Glow-Engine mod. First created in 2016 this mod ran through a lot of changes, detail- and color wise. The finalized version got a complete rework at the front and adjustements of static neon lights.


My first bigger project back in 2017. Ballskin plus 3 car decals with customized GlowEngine mods.

Pulse Clan Decals

These are most likely my favorite decals I've ever made. Focus has been on a modern theme while still keeping all ingame functions of changeable colors.

Dominus Beast

This mod is based on the Glowengine mod and just adds a evil look to the front of the car.

Chaos ESC, Decals

Fanmade decals for Chaos Esport Club. Reworked details on their logo and created the pattern for the front fenders.

FaZe Clan Decal

This decal is fanmade and based on their current team jerseys. A strong name alongside a remarkable design.
More at my Behance


Black and White Montage

This is probably one of the greatest RocketLeague Montages out there and I'm very thankful for the opportunity. Great memories!

JZRs 500k Montage

Although I wasn't involved in first hand, my mods were, and I can't be happier with the outcome! Absolute masterpiece from MinK!

Desire Montage

The sequel to Black&White. I made all mods that were used in the video. Had tons of fun with this collaboration again, very happy with the outcome, thanks to Aimpunch!


Near to the eclipse

Summernight sky in paradise

Love and hate

More at my Artstation and Deviantart


Magical winter day

A cold mid-day photo in the winter from a former volcano. Colorgrading did a good job in giving this an absolute magical touch.

White to blood Dahlia

If you look closer to flowers, nature never disappoints you! The original image is in 64MP, which I wasn't able to display. Might upload it on Deviantart someday.

Red winter sunset

It's been a very cold day(~ -16°C), somewhere in southwest Germany, 2020. Shot this with my old smarthphone camera.
More coming soon


old wallpaper

New wallpaper

Coming soon!

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