Download my Rocket League mods:

Install instructions:

1. Download/install BakkesMod and the AlphaConsole plugin
2. Open bakkesmod, hover over “File”, then click on “Open BakkesMod folder”
3. Open the “Data” folder
4. Open the “acplugin” folder
5. Open the related mod folder.
For Decals into DecalTextures
For BallSkins into BallTextures
6. Extract the .rar/.zip file there:
7. Start RL
8. Open AlphaConsole Plugin by pressing “F5”
9. Now select, if required, the needed decal.
You can either do this with the bakkes item mod (F2) or equipping it from your own inventory.
Use the item mod to select decal accent colors aswell as custom team and decal colors!
If you want to use the decals in replays aswell, make sure to download and install the Replaymanipulator plugin. More info can be found on the plugin website.

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